In September of 1985, during the height of Members Only jackets with pushed up sleeves, parachute pants, and the over-application of slick hair care products era, I went on the air for the first time. The world continues to struggle toward recovery. I’ll leave it up to you whether that was my doing or not.

Putting the old in “Old School”, I come from an era when audio editing involved open reel recorders, grease pencils, razor blades, and splicing tape. It made the “Undo” feature a non-starter. I have worked for radio and television stations as a writer, producer, and as talent.

In May of 1998, I put the microphone away and embarked on a career as a software developer. I have worked for companies like Circuit City, HCA Healthcare, and the United Network for Organ Sharing.

I am coming back to the world of audio after this hiatus and learning the digital method of editing and distribution. However, I have found the principles of voice work really haven’t changed all that much. I hope you enjoy me as the narrator’s voice.