Non-English Phrases

Edgar Allan Poe had a rich command of the English language. He also had great facility with German, French, and Latin, having enrolled at the University of Virginia to study languages.

Poe was classically educated in Scotland and England before returning to the states to enroll at UVA, and later at West Point. I tell you all of this to say the man’s grasp on the ability to communicate is, even to this day, profound.

His poems and short stories are liberally sprinkled with non-English phrases, of which he and his readership apparently found keenly appropriate to the prose at hand.

I do not speak German, French, or Latin, though I do fairly well with English. That probably has more to do with my lack of a classical education than anything else.  Regardless, when these phrases appear (and when it is necessary), I will use an English translation to avoid offending the listening ears of those who speak one the aforementioned languages.

Which Revision, Mr. Lucas?

Poe was constantly revising his work; tweaking and modifying the written word. Unless otherwise stated, I’ll be reading from the Poe’s most recently revised edition of his work. That should reflect the way he wished his work to be received.

I Don’t Have a Beret

Reading poetry is a brand new adventure for me. Dramatic reading, straight reads, voice acting, reading for children (always the best); these things I have experience with. However, poetry hasn’t been in my wheel house.